Can I listen to my music stored in my OwnCloud instance?

One of the most interesting things you can do with ownCloud is set up a personal cloud server for all your music. Just upload some MP3 files into ownCloud, and you immediately have access to them alongside a web player. That alone is useful, but you can also set up a desktop client to access those files.

Your ownCloud server is compatible with a few different music apps, but we like Tomahawk because it's simple, cross platform, and surprisingly powerful. Here's how to set up Tomahawk to read music from ownCloud:

  1. From the ownCloud web interface, click your username and select "Personal."
  2. Copy down the URL listed as Media (it will read something like: http://yourdomain/owncloud/remote.php/ampache)
  3. In Tomahawk, head to the Preferences (Tomahawk > Preferences), and select "Services."
  4. Scroll down and select "Ampache."
  5. In the dialogue box that opens, enter in your ownCloud username and password, followed by the URL you copied above.
Now, all the music you have stored on ownCloud will be playable in Tomahawk. If you're not a fan of the simplistic web player, Tomahawk works great.

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