What are the Core User Benefits of Tomahawk?

Because you and your music influencers may have similar tastes in music, but not necessarily the same music services and sources. You can read emails sent from any app and any mail provider... shouldn't music be as easy to listen to and share?

  • Someone posts something about a song or artist that you want to check out. But it's a link or embed from a service that is not the one you use. What do you do? Don't click it? Click it and listen in an app that you don't use? Either way, it represents work for you - if you like it you have to go and search for it from your music provider and then add it to your collection so you can easily listen again.

  • Shouldn't it be easier? Wouldn't it be nice if a single music link or embed just "did the right thing" for each listener based on their music source(s), territories and preferences?

  • We think so, and that's one of the reasons we built Tomahawk. Just drag links or embeds from Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, SoundCloud, iTunes, Grooveshark and more into Tomahawk and watch it resolve and playback from your service... not theirs.

Lots of shops, still only one stop. Your music is everywhere, and now you don't have to be.

  • Your local mp3 library, the music libraries on your other computers, your music lockers, pre-release streams on SoundCloud,  your playlists and collection on your subscription music service. 

  • If you are like us, then you come across music you like virtually everywhere but are forced to have to think about where that music may be to get to it.

  • What if you didn't have to know, or care, where the music you love is... and just have it automatically - and seamlessly - play each track from the best location? Sounds like a lot less work, yeah?

  • It is less work... and it's another reason we built Tomahawk.

Sure, it's about discovering new music you may love - but just as importantly - it's about being lazy.

  • We get it, sometimes you are actively on the hunt for new music or dying to turn other people on to the new music you just discovered. But more often than not you are just looking to hear "good music" while you go about your day.

  • Tomahawk makes it easy, no matter what mode of listening you are in. Create a custom radio station that can get as eccentric as your tastes, or as simple as a genre or a friend's listening history. Listen along to a friend that is currently listening to music and let them do the work... you hear what they play. Enjoy the latest charts from dozens of music services and data providers, right in Tomahawk. Import and collaborate on playlists from influencers you find on other music services - they don't have to change their behavior at all for you to benefit.

  • Find something great? Just love it or add it to a playlist and have those songs and playlists sync back to Last.fm and Spotify. We built Tomahawk to do a lot of complex stuff so you don't have to. 

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