Who Are You Guys?

  • Tomahawk is an open-source project created and maintained by developers from all over the world with a passion for music and interesting technical challenges. Our love of music extends to the artists that compose and perform the music and the huge number of people that helps bring that music to the fans. Without them, we'd have nothing to listen to.

  • There have been a large number of people that have contributed to the project over the years - developers, designers, users, students, partners and more.  Members of the team have worked on/for projects including Last.fm, LimeWire, WinampAmarok, AOL Radio, eMusic, TotalMusic, dozens of cool music hacks and much more (check out about mrmaffen's Oculus Rift horror game, Alone in the Rift). The composition of the team changes over time and with individual availability, but we couldn't have gotten here without:

  • muesli (aka Christian Muehlhaeuser) - lead developer
  • jefferai (aka Jeff Mitchell) - developer
  • xhochy (aka Uwe Korn) - developer
  • domme (aka Dominik Schmidt) - developer
  • mrmaffen (aka Enno Gottschalk) - android developer
  • teo (aka Teo Mrnjavac) - developer
  • hugo (aka Hugo Lindström) - developer

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