How can I share music with my friends?

  • If you friend is also a Tomahawk user, you can just drag songs, albums and playlists to their avatar in Tomahawk's sidebar  - this will add those songs to their Inbox (along with an indication that you were the one who sent them).
  • If you want to post a link to the song that will work for virtually anyone (whether a Tomahawk user or not), you can do so using Tomahawk links:
  • Tomahawk links ( are just as easy to give as they are to receive.
  • Giver: just right-click and copy the link to your clipboard for pasting anywhere you see fit. (like this cool song from Work: or this Indie Station - aggressive in mood, at least 186 bpm, and medium song “hotttnesss”)
  • Receiver: just click the link and listen.

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