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  1. Collection 

    1. How do I add my local music library to my Collection?
    2. Why aren't my local files aren't showing up in my Collection?
    3. Can I edit the ID3 tags of the tracks in my Collection?
    4. Can I add streams to my Collection?
    5. Why doesn't Tomahawk do <x> like other media players?
  2. General Overview 

    1. How do I use Tomahawk?
    2. What is Tomahawk?
    3. How Does Tomahawk Work?
    4. What are the Core User Benefits of Tomahawk?
    5. Who Are You Guys?
  3. Hatchet 

    1. What is Hatchet?
  4. Integration 

    1. Does Tomahawk scrobble?
    2. Can I import friends' Recently Played songs playlist?
  5. Linux 

    1. How To Install Tomahawk On Ubuntu 15.10 & Ubuntu 14.04
    2. Does Tomahawk support Global Media Keys?
    3. Why won't Tomahawk play streaming songs?
  6. Localization 

    1. Where (and in What Languages) is Tomahawk Available?
    2. Can I help translate Tomahawk into my language?
  7. Mac / OS X 

    1. Can Tomahawk Integrate with Alfred?
  8. Mobile 

    1. Is there a Tomahawk Android app?
    2. Is there an iOS app?
    3. Can Tomahawk open links from streaming services?
    4. Do my playlist changes on Android sync back to the desktop?
    5. Can I seek to a specific location in a song?
  9. Playback 

    1. Why is a track name grayed out (and skipped)?
    2. What is the "Y" symbol next to the track name mean?
  10. Playlists 

    1. How can I import Rdio and Spotify playlists?
    2. Can I import my SoundCloud feed and/or favorites?
    3. Can I import .xspf playlists?
    4. Can I export my playlists?
    5. Can I share my playlists?
  11. Plug-Ins 

    1. What Music Source & Streaming Services are Supported?
    2. Do I have to be a Spotify subscriber to use the Spotify plug-in?
    3. If I use Facebook to login to Spotify, how can I login in Tomahawk?
    4. Do I have to be a Grooveshark subscriber to use the Grooveshark plug-in?
    5. Where can I find the YouTube plug-in?
  12. Social 

    1. How do I connect to friends?
    2. I've added a friend, why aren't they showing up in Tomahawk?
    3. How can I share music with my friends?
    4. Do you support Google 2-step Authentication?
    5. How can I "Listen Along" to what my friends are listening to?
  13. Stations (Radio) 

    1. Can I create radio stations?
    2. Does Tomahawk support SHOUTcast/Icecast stations?
    3. Can I import my favorite Pandora stations?
  14. Technical Support 

    1. I've been asked to send my Logfile, where do I find it?
    2. Where can I find more technical resources?
    3. Where can I find the Tomahawk source code?
    4. Will I get automatic updates to the app when they are available?
    5. Where can I file and see open-issues and bugs?
  15. All articles 

    1. How do I connect to friends?
    2. Does Tomahawk work with my NAS (networked) hard drives?
    3. I've been asked to send my Logfile, where do I find it?
    4. How can I import Rdio and Spotify playlists?
    5. Can I create radio stations?
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